Exhibitions & Collections > MA Exhibition: Madison Branch and Tammy Lawless

Tammy Lawless

Abstract, interior environments without a physical or concrete existence are the spaces used to create a mental playground for the evocative exploration of the associations the mind makes through the continuum of time. The surroundings and conditions in which a person lives or operates, along with the emotions contained within those spaces or situations, are the springboard for the investigations of these environments. The environments are based in the relational environments in which we find ourselves part of on a daily basis and the associated emotions within these environments. Drenched in color and complexity, these unnamed spaces can be wrought with tension and movement, or they can quietly hang in the balance. Held within them are the celebrations, contemplations and inspirations expressed in color, forms and brushstrokes waiting to be drawn forth by the mental associations the viewer makes within his/her own intangible spaces. Time is paramount in the creation of these mental environments. They are stopping points on a non-spatial continuum that draw from the past but always exist in the present. They are places for the mind to linger just long enough to allow for the almost imperceptible shift beyond the physical environment into a world that inhabits past, present and future. They are metaphors for place and time—memories and imaginings.