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Lorianne Hubbard

My work, created with charcoal, carbon and black pastel on paper, is characterized by the representational rendering of human and paper forms. These forms are spiritually charged through the use of dramatic Tenebrism and by the mysterious and metaphysical spaces they occupy and reveal.

My formal interests are fused with my visual conceptions of “fallen nature” and the state of human existence. Visualization of concepts like sin, vanity, deception, spiritual corruption and hypocrisy are juxtaposed with images of the humbling and flimsy nature of life. Simultaneously, allusions to a deeper dimension of existence, to a tear in the veil between the physical and spiritual world, between tragic flaw and the hope of redemption are made…

I draw influence from sources that range from traditional Christian imagery to the slick realist draftsmen of the 1980’s; from theology and Biblical works such as Psalms and Ecclesiastes to the stylized gospel music of Dylan and Cash; from German Expressionist, Kollwitz, to Baroque Master, Caravaggio. I have created my own ensemble of symbolic and spiritual imagery that is deeply confessional and introspective.