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My inspiration comes from a variety of different sources. I am intrigued by natural and manmade structures comprised of repeating shapes. The concept for Mass (Congregation) is based in part on the fabric pattern from a quilt. My goal is to create a large collection of panels that can be arranged symmetrically or asymmetrically. I utilize contrasting hues and geometric shapes to visually communicate a perception of positivity to the viewer. The repetitive action of mark making is both a relaxing and meditative experience for me. Mass (Congregation) moves beyond the typical two-dimensional characteristics associated with a painting. Utilizing forms, texture, and varying panel thicknesses creates a sculptural aspect to the painting. This allows the viewer to engage the painting from a wider range of perspectives. Installation variations are encouraged in the gallery setting. Corner installations as well as floor and tabletop interactive installations are possibilities to be considered. This body of work pushes back on the boundaries typically associated with a painting and the presentation of the painting in a gallery setting.