University of Texas at Tyler | Department of  Art & Art History
MFA Exhibition: John Miranda
John Miranda
Pan Dulce in the Sauce

My work is a visceral response to a lived reality. Inanimate entities become communities within space as I try to find a balance between cultural history and personal experiences. Making do with what is at hand has been a part of my sensibility since my upbringing. In my hometown of Del Rio, Texas, I slid under fences to gather materials from factory dumpsters. Napkins, pens and pencils became my available tools while I obsessively concentrated on making lines. When living in my second home in Dallas, Texas, a wall and a tennis ball became our playground and we shaped a world that wasn’t there before. My environment became a place of exploration for me, where my aesthetic language developed out of experiences while living in my communities. To create an imagined environment, I always start from the raw objects that surround me.
Now as an adult and artist I still work with what is at hand, my approach is rooted in resourcefulness and adaptability. One found object placed on a panel starts a conversation between myself and the object, leading to an investigation of unknown possibilities. An invitation is extended: a call to form a relationship. Found objects are representative of the human form, alluding to physical attributes of both genders. This emotional response becomes a mapping of both past and present, an abstraction of space and memory.