University of Texas at Tyler | Department of  Art & Art History
MFA Exhibition: Jessica Sanders
Jessica Sanders
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This body of work is an exploration of form, space, visual information, visual accessibility, and their interaction. Form is the shape, whether physical form or the form incased in the outline. Space is the play between the negative and positive. Visual information is the surface. Visual accessibility is what the viewer can and can not see. Form lives in space. The two depend on each other. A physical piece can not exist without both. Visual accessibility has everything to do with space and form. However the form is manipulated depends on what you can and can not see. The accessibility of the pieces are dependent on the space it lives in.

This work is made up of small individual ceramic pieces that are attached together with wire, creating flexible sheets that are then manipulated into non-objective forms. The forms are made up of three aspects: the individual pieces, which are put together in groups of the same color and or pattern that are called patches, which make up the full form. The patches are visual breaks. From far way they break the piece up from just a solid thing or fluid form. They section the piece off. It is also a way to control the visual organization of the piece. The majority of these pieces are visually chaotic and over saturated with information so having the patches is a way to break that up and give the viewer places to rest. In addition to the main form I also use two different components to interact with them, veils and coverings. Veils are hollow pieces placed over the form to obscure the view of the form. Coverings are placed over to block the view.

These pieces are meant to be looked at from different angles. Standing in different places or bending down creates different views of seeing. Holes in individual triangles and the whole form make for windows and different points of view. They allow access to areas of the piece you would not be able to see otherwise.