University of Texas at Tyler | Department of  Art & Art History
MFA Exhibition: Nora Schreiber
Nora Schreiber

There are many days that I wake from a haze of the comatose daily life and ground myself with the space surrounding me and the objects also occupying that environment. I can then discern who I should be, what I am doing, what this particular day is for, and my identity. These episodes created a curiosity in me to find how far reaching outside influences like traditions, language, objects, and spaces are in control of my life. I have realized there was much enclosing me that I rarely considered. I want to investigate what exists within me and have a healthy pondering of its importance. Reading through the way others have thought about this, specifically post-structuralism, has given me even more clarity. There cannot be blind obedience to even the names of the objects, language, nor the space itself. We have been gifted, down through generations a fragile acceptance of what is creating reality, traditions. Who is the master? Twisting, re-contextualizing, and giving theatrics to materials allows me to give a physical presence to my curiosities. An easy way to contradict convention is to manipulate the ideas and thoughts of others that been injected into our daily lives. This is why I choose to contort, destruct, and stitch back together the frozen moments of every day. I can play pretend and allow my inner debate to wrangle these special compositions, videos, and objects and create a new experience. These works are the responsive and independent efforts that keep my hands busy as I digest this world around me. This exhibition is my interpretation of the world.  I aim not to contradict the generations nor speak out about the number of fallacies of traditions I have found, I am aiming to merely entice the questions that allow for deeper inquisitions and then follow these discoveries. This work began as a personal experience, and has extend to how I believe others around me can also understand reality and what surrounds us all. I am begging for the audience to have curiosity of the world around them. I believe this is important work, even more so now with the pandemic distorting and changing the world. The uncertain times have created a lucky example of what I have been creating work to speak out about. Perhaps, now more will be able to understand why they too should wake from their daily routine’s haze.